The querying process is, I’m sure you know, a waiting game. This is fine – I have a full time job this year that takes up a great deal of my time, along with writing projects and children to keep me plenty busy.

But it isn’t all quiet.

While I have not gotten a full request yet, I have gotten a LOT of positive feedback in the last few months. Much of it has been actionable too, which means I have some work ahead of me. I am energized by the agents who have told me to keep going, they liked a lot of what they saw, and let me know what held them back from the “yes” I was hoping for. One even encouraged me to resubmit if I did revisions based on her feedback!

Somewhere along this path, it became not only real but possible in my mind. I started as a “why not?” and now am thinking in terms of “how will I?”

I will make 2020 my year.