A reflection on 2020 would be perfectly normal this time of year, but let me be the one to say it: I’d really rather not. Writing-wise, 2020 wasn’t such a bad year. I found a fantastic beta partner, grew my writing ability greatly, read some amazing books (both fiction and on the craft), and completed the second novel of what has become a trilogy.

The rest was not so hot.

So let’s talk 2021. I plan to do one final round of queries in February. If nothing comes of them, it is time to turn my focus to self-publishing. A lot of what I have seen and read points down this path, and I’m both excited to explore it and confident I can at least make a decent try. A slow but steady start. Some parts (procuring a cover) scare me more than others, but as my youngest likes to say, if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

I also intend 2021 to be my first two novel year. I am in the early stages of plotting out book three, and my goal is to have it drafted by May so I can put at least some focus into a new project that I will draft by (maybe as part of) NaNoWriMo 2021.

It isn’t the pace many successful self-published authors reach, but I’m also homeschooling a third grader, managing virtual school with my other two kids, and navigating a pandemic. I’ve also never completed a novel in less than a year, so this feels like…a good starting point.

My mindset is shifting. I can feel the change. I’m starting to think less in “I would like to” and more in “I am going to.” I know at one point I said 2020 would be the year, but…2020. So let’s just continue forward from where ever we are.

2021 will be better. If nothing else, I will make it that.