My first novel is almost ready. It is written, edited, read, and edited more. I have written and rewritten, cut and added, and sweat over the whole thing. It is almost ready.

Almost is such a huge word.

I have been debating whether to publish via traditional publishers or to go the self-publishing route, and I still am honestly flummoxed by the whole thing. I know my own preconcetions about publishing factor in greatly. As little as six months ago, I would not read self-published books because of a few bad apples I had read few years ago.

Since then, I have learned how many good self-published books are out there. I have learned that traditional publishing still requires a great deal of working marketing and promoting all yourself…they don’t just do it for you. I thought I could just write and they would do the rest. Sure, maybe if I were Steven King.

I’m not.


So, what direction to go? A part of me leans traditional for the validation is provides. Get accepted by an agent and you know you are “good enough.” A part of me leans self-publishing because it won’t take a year or two, best case scenario. Both are huge amounts of work. Both appeal.

So…what to do?

Thus far, my answer has been to bury my head into writing the first draft of my next book and ignoring it entirely. I build my social media platforms, write, and dream.

I need to make a decision, though, if I a ever going to move forward. I wish it was an easy decision – but nothing importent in life is.