A big step toward becoming an author is education. I am not a person who is ever going to say a college degree or formal education is necessary to he an author, but that doesn’t mean there are not things to learn.

How to publish.

How to market.

How to handle the stress and the ins and outs of the industry. I know how to write. I do not know marketing. I like to say I know just enough to be dangerous: I have a vague idea of what works and what doesn’t, but I have no idea how to do is successfully.

A local book convention offers a writers education day, and I looked at it for weeks. A part of me really wanted to do it. Another part of me felt like I was too early, too new. Bless my husband, he told me to do it, so I jumped in.

It’s time to learn. If this is the path I want to walk, at the very least I will learn where I can eventually get. I am ready to take my writing seriously.

This is the next step.

Wish me luck…