As of today, I have officially started the query process to find an agent for my debut novel. What is life?!

I haven’t submitted anything to anyone since I was 17 and thought I could do no wrong. I submitted a terrible novel with no beta reads and only my own editing directly to a few publishers accepting open submissions. Big surprise, I was rejected. After that, life got busy, I moved to a new country, started a family, and basically adulted all over the place.

I’m back to dreaming. I’m serious about writing. The game plan? My first round of queries has gone out. I will continue to send out waves of queries until I either am accepted by an agent or I have my second book ready (betas, edits, the whole shebang). At that point, I will wait for the final round of queries responses and then begin the process of self-publishing.

One thing that attending Penned Con taught me was the significance of having multiple books in the indie world. I am not able, at this juncture, to write a ton of books in a short span of time – so I am giving myself time to expand my catalog.

I will keep writing. Keep building my platform. Keep loving books. And I will see where this ride takes me!